The Portland Area Musical Theatre Awards

This year's PAMTA ceremony will take place at the Dolores Winningstad Theatre on Monday, June 6, 2016, at 7 pm.

The Mission

To recognize outstanding achievements in the performance of musical theatre in Portland and the surrounding area.

The Committee

The 15 voting members are anonymous, even to one another. This way members cannot be influenced by performers, designers, theatre companies or even each other. Opinions cannot be swayed at meetings because there are none. Voting is done by secret ballot. All members see all productions to the degree that it is humanly possible. No member of the committee is active in the theatre community.


Committee members must be at least 18 years of age and possess an unbridled enthusiasm for the musical theatre. Candidates are offered positions on the committee if they are judged to be observant, knowledgable, passionate and above all, unbiased.

The Awards

Original handmade trophies will be presented at the Delores Winningstad Theatre in the Portland Center for the Performing Arts each year in June.


The nominations will be announced each year in the first week of June.

The categories include:

  • Outstanding Male Actor in a Lead Role
  • Outstanding Female Actor in a Lead Role
  • Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role
  • Outstanding Ensemble
  • Outstanding Young Performer
  • Outstanding Director
  • Outstanding Choreographer
  • Outstanding Musical Director
  • Outstanding Costume Designer
  • Outstanding Set Designer
  • Outstanding Light Designer
  • Outstanding Sound Designer
  • Outstanding Production
  • Outstanding Playbill Cover Design
  • Outstanding Orchestrations
  • Best Original Musical
  • Best Original Song
  • Best Original Score
Upcoming awards may include lifetime achievement and scholarship.


Oregon Cultural Trust

The Oregonian


Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do promoting musical theatre in Portland. This last season beat all records for NWCT in terms of ticket sales (biggest box office in 19 seasons) and I'm confident that receiving several PAMTA awards last year was a big factor in that success.


Sarah Jane


Artistic Director
Northwest Children's Theater and School

See you at the PAMTA'S! (PAM tuhz)

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